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Revision Basics

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Sentence Construction

Punctuation, Grammar, and Usage

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Writing about Literature

Studying, Note Taking, and Grades

Succeeding in College and Beyond

Writing Things Out By Hand

Buying Textbooks

  • A great place to check for online text book prices is bigwords. You put in the ISBN and it will search all the online booksellers for the current inventory and sale price.
  • You can also check out textbook rentals. This is new, but it's picking up in popularity. 
  • Many texts are currently available in online formats as well as Kindle and Nook formats.
  • The public and campus libraries have many texts as well.

Books for Writers

A great place to find dictionaries and grammar handbooks is Goodwill; the hardback dictionaries are under five bucks an paper backs are two fifty. The Goodwill at Watt and El Camino generally has a decent selection.

Other Writing Resources