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Sense and Sensibility
If you start reading the book early, skip the introduction. Start at chapter one. Links to audio book below.

Cherri's Handouts

Sense and Sensibility has three volumes and was orignally published in three separate texts. If you’ve already started reading it, you’ll want to re-read it. It’s meaty and worth the re-read. I've re-read this text more than a dozen times and I enjoy it each time. If you’re listening to the audio, you’ll want to pair that with the text. Read and listen together. There is a free audio version on itunes. If you choose to download it, please read the book as well. You will not be able to write strong essays and pass the quizzes without doing the reading part.

Introductory Notes

Study Questions (If you can answer the study questions, you'll do fine on the test.)

These Study Questions contain spoilers--they ask direct questions about what happens in the text, so if you read them ahead, you'll know what happens.  You wont know why or how--that's what you're supposed to answer in the questions.

Helpful Jane Austen & Regency Era Information

Jane Austen lived and wrote during a period of time in England generally called the Regency Era. She was born on December 16, 1975 in Steventon, Hampshire and died at the age of 41. She published some novels while she was alive, but made almost no money from her writing. Her other completed novels were published after her death. There are pieces of unfinished work, things she wrote as a youth and a small collection of letters that are all part of the Jane Austen collection today. Many scholars make their professional work researching and writing about Jane Austen and her marvelous texts.

For all things Jane Austen online, visit:

Other Useful Goodies:

Audio versions of the text
Read and listen together. There is one version of a free audio book—in podcast form
on itunes, and there are pay versions which are of better quality. I believe there versions available at the public library, though they may be checked out. There are apps for the iphone and ipad too.

Here is the link to the free version on itunes.
itunes > Podcasts > Arts > Literature > LibriVox > Sense and Sensibility by Austen, Jane

Another source for the audio, that is not on itunes.

Another source that has seems to have better audio and has the ebook as part of the itunes download.