The Life-Brightening Magic of Poetry is an in-person workshop in Sacramento, January 20, 2018. 

Join us for an afternoon of sharing the joy of reading and writing poetry.

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Shine School wants you to live your best life in this partly cloudy world.

It’s part study group, part boot camp; it’s theory + pratice.

More specifically, we’ll study together for six months, and apply what we learn to our lives as we go. Learn more here.

Online Poetry Icon

I am so excited to offer online poetry workshops for the rest of us. This workshop is meant for the non-academic. I’ve had an ass-full of dude-centric creative writing classes, and online programs that cost as much as rent. This workshop is for folks who want to learn more about reading and writing poetry; it’s not about publishing or posturing. Get on the email list for first dibs on this workshop.

Professional development can be amazing, or it can feel like our lives are wasting away one useless slide at a time. I’m interested in helping teachers of all ages get back in touch with why they wanted to teach to begin with, overcome burnout, and reconnect with the good stuff about teaching when our workplaces are often focused on the bad.

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