Online Poetry Workshops

Heck and Joy Poetry is an online workshop in which participants read and write poetry—just for the heck and joy of it.


This is not an academic class. This is not about publishing. Prior experience with poetry is not required. I believe poetry, like language, belongs to everyone, and this workshop is for anyone and everyone interested in poetry.


You reading this are welcome here. Make sure you get on the mailing list for updates about this and other programs.

How do you know if this is for you?

  • Did you used to write poems when you were younger but stopped?
  • Do you write in other genres normally, but yearn for more lightness and joy in your writing?
  • Are you a creator in any medium yearning to invigorate your craft?
  • Do you want more light and joy in your life?
  • Do you think you like poetry but haven’t really experimented much with reading or writing it?
  • Does your gut want to say yes, but you keep trying to come up with practical reasons to say no?
  • Have you visited this webpage more than once?

More specifically, who might benefit from the workshop?

  • those who want to to experience poetry more deeply
  • those who want to deepen their creative confidence and fill the creative well
  • those who want more fun and joy in their creative life
  • those who keep saying this is the year they are going to write more, but haven’t started yet

Participating in this workshop might:

  • lessen anxiety around writing
  • crack you open and let more light into the dark spots
  • add more color and texture to your world
  • give you tools for problem solving
  • help you become more yourself

What can I do for you?

  • nurture your interests
  • gently nudge you where you want to go
  • give you a structure for creation
  • engage with your work from a place of compassionate honesty
  • troubleshoot problems
  • guide you to the right tool at the right time
  • boot stomp, ass kick, and yell “knock it off” into the void when necessary

What can’t I do for you?

  • make you read
  • make you write
  • make you participate
  • kiss your ass
  • get you published
  • get you into graduate school
  • make you millions of dollars
  • solve all your problems

What other have said about working with me.

Thoughtful, sensitive, irreverent…Cherri is a bright light who will not lead you astray.” Shari Slade, bestselling author of new adult romance and writing coach

“[Before Cherri’s class] I was struggling to find out who I am and what I was able to do. Through the activities we did, I was able to discover my personality and what I value most.  I am more confident now, and writing doesn’t scare me anymore.” —Sandrine, college student

“Taking Cherri’s class was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. She opened a door of interest into the art of writing, one I had never known to be closed in the first place. She was excellent at keeping my words on their toes every step of the writing process. By the end of that class she had rekindled my love of reading, and the English language itself. I will always be grateful.” —Cheyne, college student

“[In Cherri’s class] I found that I love to write. I think people feel very vulnerable and maybe insecure at times when it comes to writing, but Cherri always has great feedback [to help build] confidence in your writing.  Hands down, Cherri is a great teacher who loves what she does and wants to help you.” —Mike, mechanic and student in human service

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