I’m a Twofer

Partly Cloudy Creatives is the lovechild of the middle-aged writing-teacher version of Cherri Porter, and her optimistic and energetic 17-year-old self.

Image of Cherri Porter

I’m both of her. I am mostly the middle-aged writing teacher who has spent the last few months/years/eons figuring out that she lost her way and trying to find it.

Here is what is true of both creators of this endeavor: they explore the world at the intersection of knowledge and spirituality, art and justice, pain and healing. They see connections, innovations, and possibilities everywhere.

My younger self was dedicated to living in light and exploring possibility. She was so dang earnest.

My adult self spent decades huddled under the clouds, short on hope, overwhelmed by pain. Even on the best and brightest days, the darkness felt only a breath away.

As I re-merge these two versions of myself, my vision of the world and my place in it is a bit brighter. I’m am learning how to live in my integrity, and I am committed to helping others do the same, shining their lights a bit brighter in the process.

This adventure, Partly Cloudy Creatives, will offer a number of programs and services over the next couple of years.

<©2018 Cherri Porter>